The British-Dutch formation “the Relatives” started in the beginning of the 90’s after Jack Monck and WillemJan Droog met and discovered that their compositions and musical ideas had a remarkable connection.

In that period the Relatives toured a couple of times a year through the Netherlands, Belgium and the U.K. They started recording a CD in London, which has never been finished. After a couple of years of interruption the Relatives did recently some gigs and enjoyed so much playing together again, that they decided to record a new album and finish it this time.

The “World Radio Premiere” of the new CD  took place on Tuesday 26th of June2007 in the VPRO Radio 6 program “Cantina VPRO.   (direct link, 2nd hour  13.20h).

WillemJan Droog was the special guest in the Radio 6 lunchprogram Cantina VPRO on 17 th of June 2008, talking about his favourit music, and making the CD "Trans Europ Connection", and of course a song from the album. Click on: to listen to this interview.

So.......... here it is............. the new album: Trans Europ Connection