It is with great sadness that we have to announce that our friend Phil Miller,
a giant in more ways than one, guitarist, composer and inspiration to many of us,
died peacefully this afternoon.
RIP our Phil!

A  special VPRO Vrije Geluiden item for Phil Miller



Upcoming events DROOG5

Hans Rikken, Angelique Boel, Stan Stolk, Luuk Kranenburg, WillemJan Droog


Thursday 7th of December 22.00h: a special "dark days DROOG5" concert
De Oude Stoep Vlaardingen 




Recent events Jack Monck & Friends

Marc Hadley, Phil Miller, Paul Dufour, Jack Monck

Saturday 8th of July, 6- 10 P.M.
Jack Monck & Friends at
Abbey Barn, St. Marks College
Saffron Walden


Saturday 24th of June
Jack Monck & Friends at
MostArt Centre
86 Stoke Newington High St.
London N16 7PA


Recent Events DROOG5

Friday 30th of June, 21.00h: DROOG5 in de Machinist. 'Live Jazz' in the context of
Northsea Round Town - Rotterdam
Willem Buytewegstraat 45, 30234 BK Rotterdam

Saturday 10th of June, 22.00h: DROOG5 at de Grauwe Hengst - Schiedam
Lange Haven 28, 3111CG Schiedam

Sunday 9th of April, 16.00h: DROOG5 at Danceschool Staluse Pera - Rotterdam
(private event)




Saturday 8th of October 2016 14.00h DROOG5 at Oogstmarkt Landgoed Hoogstad - Vlaardingen

Wednesday 29th of June 20.00 h the Suicide Club - sky bar/ restaurant  & roofterrace
for the Northsea Round Town Festival .

Groothandelgebouw, Stationsplein 45, Rotterdam. (Entrance via main entrance, courtyard, freight elevator B9)

Sunday 19th of June 2016 17.00 h de Fuut Den Haag Zuider Strand

Sunday 8th of May 2016 15.00 h 10 year celebration of d'Oude Stoep Vlaardingen

Sunday 24th of april 14.30h (foyer) Stadsgehoorzaal Vlaardingen - VlaardingsTerras
previous: nouvellist & radio-documentarymaker Henk Weltevreden about his new book



December 2015





September 2015

The new band DROOG5 will be performing at the opening of art park Natuur Verbeeld.
26th of September, 15.00 P.M.

Hans Rikken - sopranosax & (bass) clarinet
Angelique Boel
- cello & altsax
Stan Stolk
- double bass
Luuk Kranenburg - drums
WillemJan Droog - keyboards



11th of July 2015, 6 P.M. at Abbey Barn, St Marks College Audley End (UK)

In concert: Marc Hadley, Phil Miller, Jack Monck & Paul Dufour



a Youtube of the Cornwall gigs of the Relatives & Phil Miller - November 2013



1st, 2nd & 3rd of November Concerts Mini Tour Cornwall & Devon (UK) (see concerts)

1st of October Great review in the Italian Music Magazine Wonderous Stories

29th of September 20.00 - 21.00h a radio special in Paperlate
on radio ZuidWest FM about the making of the CD Virtually,
with Richard Sinclair live on the phone from Italy. Listen (back) !

9th of September 2013

Virtually - the Relatives & Phil Miller now available at FNAC - les Halles Paris / rayon jazz

22th of July 2013
Virtually- the Relatives with Phil Miller is now available in Tokyo Japan at Kakehashi Records

12th of July 2013
RelativesRecords signed up with Roughtrade Distribution Benelux about 'worldwide' digital distribution. So
Virtually will soon
be on: iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, Google Music etc....

Virtually- the Relatives with Phil Miller now distributed by Velvet Records (Rotterdam, Delft & Amsterdam),
(Amsterdam) and all the Plato recordshops NL (Leiden, Utrecht, Groningen, Zwolle, Deventer)  and the PlatoMania webshop  

Virtually- the Relatives with Phil Miller distribution in the UK at Burning Shed (Canterbury scene)

Virtually- the Relatives with Phil Miller available as download and CD. Visit our webshop

Virtually- the Relatives with Phil Miller, 2 x 2 songs, available as download. Visit our webshop


23 05 2013 'On My Mind' with Richard Sinclair was broadcast on
VPRO Radio 6 Aad van Nieuwkerk's Jazz Live

19 05 2013
''On My My Mind'' with Richard Sinclair was broadcast at
BBC Radio 6 in Stuart Maconie's the Freak Zone radioshow

07 05 2013 ‘On My Mind’ with Richard Sinclair was broadcast on
radio WCR FM (UK) in the Chris Evans ‘Curve Ball’ radioshow

29 03 2013 ‘When?’ broadcast on VPRO Radio 6 (NL) in Aad van Nieuwkerk’s JazzLive


28th of June 2011 When? live in De Tuin, Rotterdam at the Northsea Round Town Jazz Festival


11th of July 2010 "Check Reality"at Grandcafe Prachtig Rotterdam at the Northsea Round Town Jazz Festival